Avoid the Disaster of Frozen Pipes!

Frozen pipes that burst are a leading source of property damage and can be extremely costly. Here are several steps that can be taken to avoid this disaster. Insulate Vulnerable Pipes Pipes on outside walls or in lower temperature spaces are most vulnerable to freezing. Pipe insulation is always a good idea. Use pre-formed pipe….

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Ready for the deep-freeze

Snow melt system installation

Miriam Hospital’s Emergency Room entrance in Providence RI was prepared and ready to deal with the recent freezing temperatures and icy pavement!  Their new Snow Melt System installed by Arden Engineering Constructors is providing that security and peace of mind. The hydronic snow melting system utilizes a mixture of hot water and propylene glycol (anti-freeze) that circulates through….

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New RISD Building Pre-Fab

Pre-fabrication pipe construction

Arden Engineering Constructors is just about ready to install bathroom elements for the new RISD, Rhode Island School of Design, Residence Hall in Providence RI. The new building includes six floors accommodating approximately 148 students. Each floor has its own bathroom with toilets and showers. The piping for the bathrooms was created off-site in Arden’s….

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Boiler Room with a View

  A couple of weeks ago I had my first site visit as the new Marketing Specialist at Arden Building Companies at the Tower at Carnegie Abbey – one of the most luxurious waterfront residential buildings in New England. The Tower stands high at 22 stories housing 79 luxury condo units. The spacious and beautiful….

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Got Pollen? It’s Time to Clean Those Condenser Coils.

  If you suffer from seasonal allergies, the signs of spring are likely to make you cringe rather than rejoice.  With the warm weather and blooming flowers comes pollen, pollen, and more pollen.  Your eyes are itchy, you’re congested, your nose is running, and your efficiency may suffer. Your HVAC system feels your pain. Along….

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