Virtual Design & Construction

Our dedicated and experienced team of designers and engineers work closely with general contractors and project managers to develop energy efficient and sustainable system designs that offer beneficial solutions for your buildings current and future needs.

3D Modeling / BIM

Arden utilizes building information modeling (BIM), a 3D modeling and analysis tool to create building infrastructure designs. BIM provides design options and the ability to generate concepts for better project understanding. This enables coordination of clash-free designs with multiple building systems and the capacity to interpret conditions for existing buildings.

Arden Advantages

  • BIM Process & Workflow
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Autodesk Navisworks
  • Trimble SysQue

Efficiency Through Technology

Here at Arden, we seize every opportunity to maximize our workflow efficiency. Cutting edge technology enables us to reduce the number of labor hours required for field installation and minimize material waste. Using spooling software paired with BIM, we can produce fully fabricated mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection skids, wracks, and assemblies here in our facility. We also utilize 3D scanning equipment as well as layout mapping software to increase accuracy and productivity.

Arden Advantages

Integrated Project Design

Our collaborative approach with clients and industry trades improves processes with maximum value. We’ll ensure all elements of your project are properly coordinated, streamlining project management while reducing risk. Arden offers uniquely tailored options for each and every project with keen focus on safety standards.

Arden Advantages

  • Experienced Team-based Approach
  • Lean Construction Objective
  • On-time Project Delivery

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