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Mechanical / HVAC

Arden Engineering Constructors is a leader in mechanical / HVAC construction in the New England region. We provide guaranteed technical expertise in every project we complete. Our team has the skills and experience required to design, fabricate, and coordinate the construction and installation of piping and mechanical / HVAC systems in all types of buildings and facilities.

New Construction, Upgrades, and Retrofits

Whether your need is for new construction, upgrades, or retrofits, we’ll spearhead your project to bolster productivity and profits by utilizing our BIM process and workflow. A project manager will be the lead contact for your project and handle all scheduling, labor, requisitions, and needed coordination. A foreman for the project will also be provided. He or she will provide construction supervision and handle all technical aspects of the project from installation through start-up and commissioning. Our project team will have regular onsite meetings and walk-through’s to ensure we are on schedule and address potential issues that could cause a delay.

Arden Advantages

  • BIM Process & Workflow
  • Virtual Design & Construction
  • Complete Project Management

Pipe Fabrication

Our in-house fabrication facility allows us to deliver projects on-time despite demanding schedules. Work is completed in a controlled environment so there are no weather delays which creates significant time savings. Fabrication streamlines productivity and reduces the amount of onsite work, lowers project cost and insurance premiums, improves quality control, and overall project safety.

Arden’s fabrication development includes a team approach starting with estimating through to the project foreman. Project schedule synchronizing and coordination planning is the key to our successful fabrication process. We use state-of-the-art tools to create virtual designs and construction models to provide clash-free fabrication layouts. For upgrades or retrofits, Arden utilizes software to scan existing buildings to incorporate new elements for trouble-free integration.

Fabrication Benefits

  • Streamlines Productivity
  • Fewer On-site Work Hours and Disruptions
  • Lowers Project Cost and Insurance Premiums
  • Significant Time Savings
  • Improves Overall Project Safety
  • Increases Quality Control
  • Better Material Handling and Reduced Waste
  • Controlled Work Environment – No Weather Delays

Plumbing & Pipefitting

Arden’s highly skilled plumbers and pipefitters work in a variety of building types installing our expertly designed water distribution systems, sanitary waste drainage, stormwater systems, and gas distribution piping. A tremendous amount of dedication, time, and learning is required to become an Apprentice, then Journeyman plumber or pipefitter. Both trades are required to complete extensive classroom hours (1230) and on the job training (10,000 hours). In addition, on-going continuing education is required for plumbers as they must be ADA compliant and know sanitary codes. Pipefitters are required to take annual welding tests for certifications on specific welding disciplines, and both trades need to keep up with the ever-changing technology and code compliances.

Plumbing Capabilities

  • Domestic Water Supply
  • Backflow Prevention
  • Pure Water Systems
  • Medical Gas Installation
  • Cross Contamination Prevention

Pipefitting Capabilities

  • Steam Piping
  • Fossil Fuel Piping
  • Process Piping
  • Pharmaceutical Piping
  • Industrial High / Low-Pressure Gas
  • Welding of Various Metals & Techniques

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