Hasbro Children's Hospital

Arden Engineering’s Lifespan project improved the air quality in multiple operating rooms of Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. The project was completed in two phases and included engineering, design, demo, mechanical construction, HVAC equipment installation, electrical work, and pipe fabrication.

Arden’s sister company, Unique Metal Works, assisted with installing coils, racks, dampers, doors for ductwork and AHU, and fabrication.

The solution entailed replacing three chilled water coils with two new coils that provided the same cooling capacity. The replacement of two 50HP fans with a 12-count fan wall will provide consistent CFM required, even if a fan fails. Previously if one fan failed, half the CFM would be lost. The work requiring the AHU to be shut down, going offline on a Friday night, and be up and running by Sunday night for surgeries scheduled on Monday.

Our capabilities enabled us to take design-build criteria, deliver above expectations, and provide cost savings. The cohesiveness of our project team was outstanding. Knowing we contributed to providing a successful operating environment for children needing surgery made the outcome critical.

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