Bishop Feehan School Auditorium

The fire protection project at Bishop Feehan High School, located in Attleboro, MA, provided an excellent opportunity for the training. The auditorium where a wet sprinkler system is being installed requires significant heights for sprinkler fitters to install the piping. A scaffold is needed for working above the stage, and a lift is necessary to access the auditorium’s ceiling above the seating areas.

Proper training must keep all workers safe operating or working on and around scaffolding or a lift. Scaffolding workers need to understand the tags used to indicate usage conditions. Lift operators must know how to lift, lower, and move the boom and anticipate potential problems. Workers are required to wear proper PPE for both the scaffolding and a lift, including a harness and lanyard equipped to handle a potential fall.

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Thanks to all who participated: John Conroy, CSP, Director of Safety & Fleet, Rochelle Sabatos, Safety Support Specialist, Mike Clifford & John Cammane, Foreman, Sprinkler Fitters, Brian Hanley & Dave Laughlin, Journeyman, Sprinkler Fitters.