Angel Conroy
Angel Conroy welding

Women in Construction, WICIn support of our valuable Women in Construction, we asked a few questions about their on-the-job experience.


Journeyperson, Pipefitter
Joined Arden Engineering Constructors in 2016

How has COVID impacted work in your trade and on project sites?

Covid has impacted our trade in good and bad ways. It has been good because schools want to rebuild or upgrade since students have not occupied the buildings. But it makes wearing safety glasses difficult.

Since we know the construction industry is primarily male-dominated, what top three aspects have most affected you negatively and positively?

Being a woman in the field, people are constantly watching me and comparing my work to men. It has been hard feeling like I have to prove myself on every job I work on. On the positive side, I love meeting other women of the trades and sharing our love for the trades.