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Healthy & Safe Air Quality in Buildings

Whether you deal with an old school or a brand-new office building, integrating fresh air into their spaces is essential.
Any building where people congregate should have ventilation levels measured.

Improving ventilation with fresh air:

  • HVAC ductwork can be configured to increase the rate of fresh air exchange and reduce recirculation.
  • Adjusting your HVAC system to run overnight and or on weekends can increase fresh air replacement and
    minimize airflow speeds.
  • Ensure HVAC equipment is regularly maintained to run at top efficiency.

Upgrade HVAC hardware for rigid systems:

  • Replacing fixed-speed motors with variable-speed can enhance airflow control.
  • Integrate a control system that is sensitive to air pressure and can make adjustments as needed automatically.

Increasing filtration

Ventilation of recirculated air will not reduce the risk of COVID-19 unless air goes through a filter designed to
remove tiny particles.

  • A MERV-13 rated filter or higher can be effective in capturing a minimum of 90% of particles.
  • HEPA filters capture at least 99.97% of even smaller particles.

Air quality protection for a healthy and safe building.

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