Within her first eight months as a volunteer, Laureen was able to donate 100 hours of her time. To acknowledge this impressive milestone, she received a commemorative brick, engraved with her name. The brick will be placed within a wall in the patio area of the facility.

Laureen says, “I really enjoy being there for the parents and visitors of the sick children. This room [within the house] gives them a quiet place to sit, eat, or just have someone to talk to. Oftentimes, there is a parent with the child at the hospital 24/7. From my own experience, I know that can be a truly overwhelming and an exhausting time where you feel so helpless to your child. We volunteers are just there to try and make a moment or two a bit easier with a quiet moment, a cup of coffee, or just a shoulder to lean on.”

Special thanks to Laureen for embodying the spirit of generosity that we all cherish as members of the Arden Building Companies family.