we embrace the highest green building standards

Green buildings drive immediate and long-term economic benefits for developers, building owners and occupants. And they’re good for the environment.

At Arden we’re committed to green building and sustainability in our offices as well as on our job sites. We have several LEED certified professionals on staff along with with a LEED certified professional Engineering team in-house.

We have participated in multiple LEED certified construction projects as well as developed energy plans and programs for our existing building owners. Our commitment to the environmental principals that are now LEED distinguishes us as one of the industries leaders in green, LEED technology. We work with you and your buildings use and structure to develop a set of achievable energy-driven goals. We design systems that work in the most energy-efficient way, that save you money and the environment.

Why Arden

  • Geothermal Systems
  • Photovoltaic Power and Solar Heating
  • Gas Absorption Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Demand Control Ventilation
  • Daylight and Specialty Lighting Control Systems
  • Water Conservation
  • Grey Water Systems
  • Rain Water Collection Systems
  • Energy Recovery
  • Under Floor Air Distribution Systems