RISD Central Power Plant

Location:  Providence, RI

Market:  Education / Power

General Contractor:  Arden Engineering / Gifford Consulting

Timeline:  March – December 2019

Services Provided: 

  • Engineering
  • Mechanical Construction
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Fabrication
  • Building Automation Controls

Project Overview

Arden served as the prime contractor for this project, and the objective was to replace the existing central steam generator plant due to its age and inefficiency. Including the scopes listed below, a deteriorating 100′ chimney stack needed re-pointing and a new liner installed. This required an intricate cabling system installed within the chimney. In addition, the existing underground fuel oil storage tank needed to be converted from No. 6 to No. 2 fuel oil.

Mechanical – Rigging and installing (3) new 300HP flexible water-tube style steam boilers capable of firing on natural gas and No. 2 fuel oil, new generator, chemical treatment, and UG FO storage tank conversion. Associated boiler equipment was also replaced, including a deaerator, condensate tank, fuel oil pump skid, blowdown tank, and breeching.

HVAC – Furnished and installed new unit heaters and exhaust fan.

Electrical – All wiring required for the (3) new boilers and associated equipment, new emergency generator, distribution panel, and lighting was furnished and installed.

Building Controls – (Earthwise Energy Technologies) Installation of factory furnished boiler controls. Design and integration of boiler monitoring controllers for the gas, steam, and oil meters. Furnished and installed controllers to monitor the deaerator and condensate receiver systems. Integration of all systems into a new JCI FX Niagara supervisory web-based controller for graphical navigation.

The reconstruction of the boiler plant has improved efficiency, cleanliness and reduced pollution. The smaller boiler footprint enabled by the new boiler technology in conjunction with the new LED lights provided RISD with a safer, more organized boiler room and working area.

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