Department of Corrections Central Power Plant

Location:  Bridgewater, MA

Market:  Manufacturing / Power

General Contractor:  Arden Engineering

Timeline:  May 2018 – September 2020

Services Provided: 

  • Mechanical Construction
  • Plumbing
  • Fabrication

Project Overview

This project had a tight schedule due to the boilers’ condition, which was at the end of their lives. Arden Engineering completed all the mechanical and plumbing work for the project, which included: (3) high-pressure steam boilers, (3) new 800HP steam boilers, deaerator, condensate tank, bottom blowdown tank, surface blowdown flash tank, (10) steam unit heaters, boiler breeching, oil-water separator, the demo of (3) #2, 20,000-gallon fuel tank, new fuel oil system, and condensate polisher system. Arden also served as the prime contractor for all sub-contract work, hiring and managing electrical, controls, insulators, landscaping, concrete, masonry, asphalt, roofing, misc metals, painting, demolition, and hazardous materials abatement. The new boilers are more efficient, reliable, easier to monitor and maintain while reducing pollution.

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