MJ Daly Presents at Orville H. Platt High School

Under a sun-filled sky with seasonal temperatures, MJ Daly Vice President, Dan Nelson, walked a group of 22 members of the Platt High School student body through the active construction site that has been their school for the past three years. Adorned with hard hats and safety glasses, the students looked on as Dan explained the mechanisms behind their school’s HVAC system, while MJ Daly Union Tradesmen worked nearby installing duct work as part of the building’s ongoing renovation.

The opportunity for students to receive a behind the scenes look into the construction and renovation of their school has been made possible by the PlattBuilds program, a collaborative effort that offers students the chance to earn high school credits in a hands-on learning environment while they explore careers in the construction industry.

As the mechanical contractor responsible for all HVAC installation for the Platt High School renovation project, MJ Daly has worked with the PlattBuilds program for the past two years. Led by the project general contractor, O & G Industries, and in collaboration with the Platt College and Career Coordinator, Abby Marcantonio, the program is a great opportunity for high school students to gain a better understanding of employment options available to them upon graduation.

Back in the classroom, student volunteers tried their hands at pressing copper pipes with the help and supervision of MJ Daly craftsman while they listened to the various career paths available to them, including apprenticeship, project management, and engineering.

Originally constructed in 1956, the Oliver H. Platt High School is undergoing a $111.8 million expansion and renovation to replace aging structures and mechanical systems. Since the school is in continuous operation throughout the life of the project, work is being completed in phases, with the summer months experiencing strong bursts of productivity while class is not in session. As one of the project’s mechanical contractors, MJ Daly is installing new HVAC systems, as well as replacing existing ones which have outlived their terms of service.