Freeze Prevention Tips for Sub-Zero Temperatures

Winter Storm Grayson wreaked havoc on New England this week, dropping over a foot of snow in many communities and flooding coastal areas.  Now, as many of us are still shoveling out of our snowy cocoons, the temperatures are steadily, and quickly, dropping.  Tomorrow’s high isn’t expected to break single digits, while the low temperatures are predicted to fall to -8°F.

Keeping everyone (including pets!) safe and warm is of utmost importance during extreme winter weather events.  Sub-zero temperatures can cause tremendous harm to our buildings and homes, leaving occupants without a heat source for prolonged periods of time and at risk of injury.

Here are a couple quick steps you can take today that will help your building weather the cold this weekend:

  • Keep your circulator pumps on and water moving.
  • Do not set back the building temperature at night; keep it in “occupied” mode.
  • Make sure all equipment flues are clear from ice and snow.
  • Make sure your heating equipment is tuned and ready for sub-freezing temperatures.
  • Keep the areas where piping is run warm to prevent freezing.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.  We’re available 24/7 to help your buildings survive the cold.

In case of emergency, please call:

Rhode Island:  1-866-GO-ARDEN

Connecticut:  1-800-992-3603

Massachusetts:  978-851-8900