South Street Landing

Redevelopment Project

Project Overview

Originally constructed in 1912, the South Street Power Station, on Eddy Street in Providence, provided electricity to nearby jewelry, textile, and machinery manufacturing firms in the city’s Jewelry District.


Now, the 265,000-square-foot structure has been transformed into a nursing education complex/administrative center to be shared by Brown University, Rhode Island College, and the University of Rhode Island.

Project Specifications

Contract Amount: $25,000,000

Construction Manager: Gilbane Building Company

Facility Type: Higher Education

Schedule:  2015 – 2017

Project Location: Providence, RI


Services Provided

Fire Protection



Mechanical HVAC

Sheet Metal

Building Automation/Controls

Engineering/Building Information Modeling



With little to no laydown space due to urban setting, all materials and prefabricated building components were delivered and installed “just-in-time”

HVAC system includes a 1,100-ton water cooled chiller plant, 12,000 mbh condensing boiler system, and 41,000 cfm ERV system

Electrical system includes two 2,000 k utility transformers servicing multiple switchboards backed by a 600 kw generator, LED lighting, medical teaching equipment, headwall units, retractable columns, surgical lights, and bariatric lifting stations

Fire protection system includes fire pump with transfer switch supplying a high-pressure standpipe system with 30 pressure reducing FHVs, double-fed sprinkler systems on six floors, atrium sprinkler system with pressure reducing valves at each zone, approximately 2,500 sprinkler heads , four standpipes, and two roof hydrants

All prefabrication completed in house

300,000 lbs of duct fabricated and installed by  Unique Metal Works


Value Delivered

The South Street Landing Redevelopment was Rhode Island’s largest economic development of 2016.  It is the first of many planned for the area in the hopes of paving the way for continued growth.  Not only were we able to deliver this project on time and on budget, our expertise in providing and managing multiple trades under one roof, including building automation, allows us to provide continued cost and energy savings for the life of the building.