Arden Building Companies Continues to Invest in Workers’ Safety

All of us at Arden Building Companies hold safety in high regard.  Whether it’s maintaining a safe job site and providing all workers the correct tools and PPE for the task at hand, or ensuring all office space is free from hazard, we’re committed to investing in worker safety and well-being.

The safety team is proud to announce the purchase of drills with HEPA filters, a powerful tool that will help protect workers engaged in drilling holes in concrete from the dangers of respirable crystalline silica.

Crystalline silica is a common mineral found in the earth’s crust.  It is also found in many materials such as sand, concrete, stone, and mortar.  Respirable crystalline silica is created when very small particles are released into the air by activities such as drilling, sawing, or cutting concrete or other materials that contain crystalline silica.

Respirable crystalline silica is the “new asbestos” for construction workers.  Inhaling even small amounts can cause dangerous diseases, such as silicosis, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and kidney disease.

While our wet-core drills continue to prevent respirable crystalline silica particles from entering the air, there are many times in our work where water cannot be used.  In those instances, the new HEPA filters will capture the majority of crystalline silica dust before it enters our respiratory systems.  These filters are in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) recently revised respirable crystalline silica guidelines and are capable of capturing 99.97% of dust particles that have a size of .3 micrometer or larger.

Employees engaged in work where respirable crystalline silica inhalation is a threat have undergone multiple training exercises which highlight the serious dangers associated with respirable silica, as well as Arden Building Companies’ policy on exposure prevention.