UMASS Dartmouth Building

UMass Dartmouth – University of Massachusetts

The UMass Dartmouth renovation and systems upgrade project is nearing completion. Arden Engineering and Unique Metal Works have worked jointly on this three-phase project for the past two years. Initially, the high-priority critical repairs were completed on the building systems that reached their end of the life cycle. Urgent repairs and upgrades were also completed to the building envelope, roof, curtain wall, HVAC system, new switchgear, fire alarm, fire sprinkler system, and building accessibility. The building has remained two-thirds occupied during all three phases.

Arden Engineering and Unique Metal Works VDC (Virtual Design & Construction) teams modeled all mechanical piping, equipment, and extensive ductwork required. The was a key benefit of using 3D scanning equipment and layout mapping software, ensuring the accuracy of installations in very confined spaces of the 1969 building.

Equipment installation included three new rooftop AHUs, 89 MAHUs in the classroom and lab spaces, 28 new exhaust fans, cabinet unit heaters, chiller, pumps, VFDs, heat exchangers, and chemical treatment system, and cooling tower.