New building at UMass Chan Medical School

Arden Engineering Constructors is pleased to announce they were recently awarded the fire protection scope for the New Education and Research Building (NERB) at the UMass Chan Medical School. Arden Engineering will be working with Shawmut Design and Construction, the general contractor for the project.

The new nine-story, 350,000 sqft building, will be located between two other research buildings on the Worcester, Massachusetts campus. The facility will support laboratory research growth and acceleration to address our most challenging diseases.

The fire protection scope consists of two dry chemical suppression systems, 4,000 sprinkler heads, a combined sprinkler and standpipe system, and a connection to the exterior water service. A total of 14,000 work hours will be needed to provide the
Twelve levels of protection, including a vivarium, research labs, and a mechanical penthouse.

Download New Release here.