Brown University Performing Art Center Rendering
Brown University Performing Art Center Rendering

Construction of Brown University’s new 80,000 sqft Performing Arts Center (PAC) has been underway. The building’s design is a radical approach to creative space, acoustics, and technical flexibility.

The exterior of the building will be extruded aluminum rain-screen composed of fractal-like fluted geometry. A 13-foot “clear-story” (glass walls) lobby will intersect through the building. The main floor will have extending views into the campus and neighborhood so the creation of art can be seen.

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As part of Arden Engineering’s HVAC and plumbing scopes, they have fabricated Fin Tube Boxes. They will be installed in the floor around the perimeter– over 400-feet –of the clear-story lobby. The boxes will be fed by water lines in a cavity beneath them to provide heating and cooling needed to ensure a consistent environment to keep the glass continuously clear.

Fabricating over 70 Fin Tube Boxes in-house provided time and material savings. The boxes are ready to install for easy connection to piping.