Unique Metal Works, an Arden Building Company, streamlines the design of your complex sheet metal needs and is the leader in HVAC sheet metal fabrication in southern New England.


Unique Metal Works, LLC is one of the largest sheet metal design, fabrication, and installation contractors in southern New England. Using state-of-the art 3D building modeling software and fully automated fabrication, we have the ability to manufacture ductwork quickly, efficiently, and accurately from an engineered drawing in digital format. The result is high-quality ductwork, from design to installation, completed in the most timely and cost-efficient way possible.

Services Provided

  • Sheet Metal Design
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Sheet Metal Installation
  • Testing & Balancing

Our Process

3D Modeling/Project Coordination

Engineered duct coordination drawings are created and processed using our 3D building modeling software.

Coordination Drawings sent into Fabrication

Using state of the art duct fabrication equipment, 3D models are sent into fabrication with the click of a button.  Our fully automated fabrication equipment communicates directly with the modeling software to ensure precision and efficiency.

Straight Duct to Coil Line

Straight portions of ductwork, as indicated by the 3D model, are sent to the coil line where they are processed into rectangular ductwork.

Fittings to Plasma Cutting Table

Fittings are sent to the plasma cutting table where they are cut, utilizing a plasma cutter, into curved or angled shapes.  By using this technology, we are able to produce more duct fittings in less time with less material waste.

Duct Liner to Water-Jet Cutter

Lined portions of the ductwork model are sent directly to the water-jet cutter where the insulation is cut and the duct fittings are skillfully insulated.


To increase field installation efficiency and ensure accuracy, much of the ductwork is prefabricated into manageable sections and labeled before it is loaded onto trucks for jobsite delivery.

Delivery and Installation

Duct systems are delivered to jobsites where they are expertly installed using 3D coordination technology by trained personnel.

Case Study – Rhode Island School of Design Illustration Studies Building

Project Overview

RISDOriginally constructed in 1838, the Illustration Studies Building at the Rhode Island School of Design has long been the central ground for the vast majority of students pursing degrees in illustration.  To better accommodate the growing undergraduate population and bring the 178-year-old structure up to code, the building underwent a vigorous renovation over the course of three summers.  Unique Metal Works, LLC was tasked with the fabrication and installation of all ductwork, much of which is exposed and a work of art in and of itself.

Value Delivered

Given RISD’s robust academic calendar, Unique Metal Works, LLC utilized a three-phased installation and fabrication approach which allowed the building to remain occupied throughout the life of the project.  By meticulously coordinating with the general contractors and designers in the drawing and planning phase with the use of advanced 3D modeling, ductwork installation was completed efficiently and effectively.  Potential issues were identified before they became job-site problems, which allowed Unique Metal Works, LLC to complete the work within strict summer time frames.

Total Project Value $5,500,000
Construction Manager Shawmut Design and Construction
Engineer/Consultant Ed Wojcik Architect, Ltd.
Schedule/Timeline Three year phased project, 2013-2015
Facility Type Education
Project Location Providence, RI
Services Provided
  • Duct Fabrication
  • Duct Installation

Case Study – Aspen Aerogels

Project Overview


Aspen Aerogels, a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient installation products, expanded its East Providence, RI manufacturing facility to increase production capacity by nearly 25%. Necessary upgrades were made to the building’s air flow systems.  Unique Metal Works was tasked with the installation of over 2,000 ft. of specialty ductwork.

Value Delivered

The improved emissions control system allows Aspen Aerogels to maintain production in accordance with all applicable health, safety, and environmental regulations.  By having a wide range of expertise in specialty ductwork installation, as well as a local fabrication shop, Unique Metal Works was able to complete the project effectively and efficiently.

Total Project Value $1,239,000
Construction Manager A/Z Corporation
Engineer/Consultant Hart Design Group
Schedule/Timeline October 2014 – March 2015
Facility Type Industrial
Project Location East Providence, RI
Services Provided
  • Design Assisted Construction
  • Furnish & Install Various Duct Systems
  • Galvanized
  • Stainless Steel
  • Double Wall
  • Fabric Duct

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