Trade & Industry Affiliations

We’ve been around for a while. We also take pride in our reputation for delivering professional work with our customer’s best interests in mind. These trade and industry affiliations show how we strive to provide a professional, cost-effective solution our customers have known to trust.

Trade and Industry Affiliations


  • Local 51 & 51R: Plumbers and Pipefitters, Rhode Island and Southeast Massachusetts
  • Local 4: Plumbers and Pipefitters, Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Local 17: Sheet Metal, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Local 17: Sheet Metal, Rhode Island
  • Local 99: Electrical Workers, Rhode Island
  • Local 103: Electrical Workers, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Local 223: Electrical Workers, Southeast Massachusetts
  • Local 537: Pipefitters, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Local 669: Sprinkler Fitters, Massachusetts
  • Local 676: Sprinkler Fitters, Rhode Island and Connecticut
  • Local 777: Plumbers and Pipefitters, Connecticut

About Arden Companies

Complex building systems demand technically advanced solutions. As the holding company for Arden Engineering Constructors, MJ Daly, Unique Metal Works, and Corporate Mechanical of New England, Arden Building Companies provide a robust skill set that covers a wide range of services including: engineering design, mechanical construction and maintenance services, electrical construction, sheet metal fabrication, sprinkler construction and service, and co-generation “green” energy. Our resources run deep and our ability to listen to our customers and create financially and energy efficient solutions keep us the one-stop provider of mechanical building solutions in New England.

Contact Arden Engineering Constructors:

Engineering Tim Elliott
Service Jeff Potter
Construction John Puniello
Electrical Rob Cote


Arden Engineering Constructors, LLC
505 Narragansett Park Drive
Pawtucket, RI 02861
Tel: 401-727-3500
Fax: 401-727-3540

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Contact MJ Daly:

President Edward Carvalho
Safety Monica Arbo
Design/Engineering Tim Elliott
Mechanical Construction Dan Nelson
Fire Protection Paul Evon
Fabrication/Wholesale Mark Genova
Building Services 24/7 Salie Cameron
FIKE Fire Alarm & Suppression Sales Engineer Kris Pavelko


MJ Daly
110 Mattatuck Height Road
Waterbury, CT 06705
Tel: (203) 753-5131
Fax: (203) 597-0227

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Contact Unique Metal Works:

Norman Brothers General Manager 401-726-4900


Unique Metal Works
489 Narragansett Park Drive
Pawtucket, RI 02861
Tel: 401-726-4900
Fax: 401-728-9180

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Contact Corporate Mechanical:

Bill Welch President


Corporate Mechanical
1501 Main Street
Tewksbury, MA 01876
Tel: (978) 851-8900
Fax: (978) 851-8901

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